Malpais: beyond A Surfer’s paradise.

Avid surfers travel the world for the best waves and Malpais and Santa Teresa are ranked as the best surfing you can find in the country. The combination of tropical conditions; winds, swells, tides and contours make for excellent sessions year round.

The break of Playa Carmen is popular for all levels of surfers with a variety of waves. Rip tides and beach breaks at Playa Carmen are less powerful than in other surf spots of the Costa Rican Pacific, making it a reliable place for beginning surfers to practice the basics. The waves tend to get heavier, faster and steeper as you head north towards Playa Santa Teresa. There you can find bolder breaks and fewer crowds. Whether you are a beginner or experienced surfer, you will find your wave in this amazing area.

Learn to surf

Surf, Safety, and Sea.

Learn the basics and develop the skills, balance and timing you need to grow as a surfer. Oasis offers professional and certified instruction designed for guests of all ages and levels of experience. Lessons include a surfboard, rash guard and the practice to build your confidence and understanding about the swell and ocean conditions.
$60per person
  • Approximately 2 hours
$60per person
  • Group – Max 4 people

“It is a paradise, the rooms are so nice…I have to come back!” – Stephanie